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Latest News

Bank's latest EP will leave you out of breath!

Bank returns to Flight Pattern with his Breathless EP! A beautifully soulful 4-song release, complete with a collaboration from Cnof and a Random Movement remix of the title track. Could it be that this release might leave you out of… breath? Find out for yourself here.

Flowrian & Sismtah are keeping us up at night with their new "Restless EP"!

After dive-bombing our speakers with their dubbed-out rollers and deep-moving subs we just had to get the dynamic duo Flowrian & Simstah onto the label. Joined by Chris Harmonics' studio skills, these four tunes heavily work the low end and keep the rhythms at rocker status. Best to just open the link and listen for yourself--we already know you are getting restless ;)

The incoming fleet continues to grow with Four new additions - Arrivals Vol. 2 is out now!

The next installment of Arrivals has landed from Flight Pattern’s airspace! Bringing you a deeper chilled vibe, the Arrivals Vol. 2 EP features music from Mister Shifter, an original founding member of Random Movement’s days as a duo, as well as original work from the recent label remixer Anthony Kasper, and two exceptional new touch-downs from Mystic Trip and Blueprint. Tunes for the late night drive back from the airport. Get home safe; there’s more to come, and you don’t want to miss it! link here.


Exclusive Download

Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness

We're giving away this tune as a "thank you" for visiting our website and supporting the label. Grab it now!

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