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Bringing you the finest deep, soulful and uplifting drum & bass
from both well-established and aspiring new talent.

Latest News


The next batch of Arrivals have landed! This marks the 5th installment of the Arrivals series, where we bring artists new to the label into the fold. From chill to energetic, this one hits all the melodic checkmarks for us. Have a seat--We have a spot in first class reserved just for you! -check it-


Listen folks, we don't mean to rant and rave, but everything we've ever heard this guy do is fire, every tune a setting sun. We are so very hyped to present the music of Toez with his "Summer Runner" EP! It's time to get in deep, and the music speaks for itself. Enjoy :)


Round 3 of The Remember Sessions is here! This volume goes from deep and chill to heavy and hard, with Jaybee on collaboration duties for the heaviest tune. A number of flavors for those who like variety. Get a taste!


Exclusive Download

Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness

We're giving away this tune as a "thank you" for visiting our website and supporting the label. Grab it now!

We now have a Bandcamp page!

Every Flight Pattern release is available digitally in our Bandcamp store! Link here.

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