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The heat is on with Soul Intent's Summertime Blues EP!

Soul Intent drops the heat on us with his Summertime Blues EP! His debut EP on Flight Pattern hits us with a full spectrum of styles, from uplifting melodic bits to heavy bass manglers. Joined by two fellow heavyweights Chromatic and Dramatic, this one is turning out to be a record-setting scorcher! Who knew the blues of summer could be so red hot? Get it here!

NEO-GEO drops another EP of love on us!

NEO-GEO returns to the skies with his sophomore EP on Flight Pattern! “Give Love Free” is a full-on adventure with so many twists and turns that constantly keep us guessing. This one is full of the frantic beats and seismic bass that are characteristic of his style, with all of the interacting melodic content that your mind can handle. Another fine addition to the Flight Pattern catalog, NEO-GEO’s latest works give us all the free love we need! Check it out here!

Arrivals Vol. 3 has Arrived!

The third wave of the Arrivals series is inbound! The deep-yet-uplifting vibes coast in with label-collaborator Jaybee's roller of a track, along with three outstanding works from Ronin, Echo Motion, and Numeric Space, all fine new additions to the label roster. Great for digging up those red-eye flight vibes where deep, late nights turn to early morning sunrises. Finish up that beverage, buckle that seatbelt, and enjoy your descent ;)

check it out here!


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Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness

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We now have a Bandcamp page!

Every Flight Pattern release is available digitally in our Bandcamp store! Link here.