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Bringing you the finest deep, soulful and uplifting drum & bass
from both well-established and aspiring new talent.

Latest News


Sunny Crimea and Soul FX drop their latest grooves on us in their "Jazz Ting EP," a collection of soulful, melodic treats for your ears! Energetic and full of motion, this volume of work features an extra tidbit of Random Movement remixing to round out their sound. A quality release from quality artists--Jazz Ting EP needs to be in your virtual record bag! Check it out --here-


Vodkah and Dr. Khan make their debut on Flight Pattern with their "Cells EP"! Deep, melodic and uplifting, this four-song EP is a delightful representation of their unique style and drive as artists. We let the music speak for itself--The Cells EP will hit you right in your microcosm! Check it out -here-


All four installments of Random Movement's "The Remember Sessions" are now packaged as an multi-volume LP! Representing previously incomplete music spanning the last 8 years that never made it to the finish line, these track were resurrected from the cutting room floor and have been given a modern polish, at last ready to be presented in their final forms. All of the tracks have been left with their original working titles, because fuck it. Check it out -here-


Exclusive Download

Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness

We're giving away this tune as a "thank you" for visiting our website and supporting the label. Grab it now!

We now have a Bandcamp page!

Every Flight Pattern release is available digitally in our Bandcamp store! Link here.

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