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Qua Rush gets us looking his way with his Glance EP!
Qua Rush.png

Take a good look at this batch of quality work from Qua Rush! This 4-song EP hits all of the soulful and deep marks on the scorecard, and features two collaborative efforts with fellow artists Frame and Enjoy. This collection of Qua Rush’s work drifts between distinct chill and melodic roller vibes, painting a portrait of his talent and skill as a producer. We’ve had our eyes on these tunes for too long and are glad to help bring them into focus—Definitely worth taking more than just a glance! link here.

Bank's latest EP will leave you out of breath!

We are proud to present our first release of the year: a stellar EP by Nuex! The “Lucid Nights EP” is a four-track collection of lush and ethereal tracks that showcase Nuex’s amazing compositions and production skills. With a powerful vocal from Naomi Belet and a moody remix by Random Movement, this release is bound to hit you just right on those lucid nights. Truly a work of art, and we can’t think of any better way to describe it.


Check out the official music video for "Lucid Nights" here!


Buy/Stream the EP here!

Bank's latest EP will leave you out of breath!

Bank returns to Flight Pattern with his Breathless EP! A beautifully soulful 4-song release, complete with a collaboration from Cnof and a Random Movement remix of the title track. Could it be that this release might leave you out of… breath? Find out for yourself here.


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Random Movement - Abandoning Reason For Madness

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